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AGS Shows: Hexham SRGC / AGS show 29th March 2014

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Started by: Margaret Young

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Contribution from Margaret Young 30 March 2014, 17:53top / bottom of page
Another successful day for NE England group hosts

A wonderful show at Hexham was enjoyed by exhibitors and visitors alike with the Forrest Medal for the most meritorious plant in the show going to Trillium rivale 'Purple Heart' from Cyril Lafong. See Sandy Leven's forrest Medal report here :  and see photos here  for a first  flavour of the show  and to see  why it is so convenient to have this show next door to a supermarket - so handy to borrow the trollies to transport fat plants!

I'm told that the show was  "really good with lots of good plants from Cyril Lafong, Stan da Prato and Sam Sutherland.. Stan won the big 6 pan and an AGS medal and Cyril the big 3 pan!
Some exhibitors from south of the border did well as well, especially Don Peace."
What a great day enjoyed by all.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 30 March 2014, 18:17top / bottom of page

A few pictures from yesterday, time was short due to some vital wife's Birthday card!!!!!


Pulatilla vernalis, part of Cyril Lafong's large 3 pan entry

Orchis italica shown by Darren Sleep

Primula elatior ssp pseudoelatior, a right mouthful!

Pulsatilla grandis Budapest Seedling, Cyril again



Fritillaria aurea x pinardii from Don Peace

Trillium chloropetalum Val Mulvihill shown by Fred & Pat Bundy. My must take home planty of the day

and finally Cyril's Forrest Medal plant of Trillium rivale Purple Heart

Contribution from Ian Instone 30 March 2014, 21:32top / bottom of page

Below are a few pictures I took at the Hexham show.

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