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AGS Shows: East Lancs Show 21 March 2009

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 22 March 2009, 08:21top / bottom of page

I never seem to get time to take many pictures, there's always so much to do at a show, buying plants, enjoying the home made cakes, catching up with everyone, let alone viewing the wonderful show plants. A magnificent show, again, I believe all sort of organisational problems were overcome in order to deliver a wonderful day. Big thanks to Carol and all the helpers at East Lancs in their new venue. The first picture is Anemone caucasica shown by Chris Lilley, an eastern close relative of the more familiar Anemone blanda.

Ericaceous plants are beginning to appear on the show benches. Firstly, Pieris nana 'Redshank' (usually still exhibited under its old name of Arcterica) shown by Ian Leslie

Continuing the Ericaceous theme, there were two forms of Rhododendron forrestii on the bench. This is not an easy Rhododendron to flower well, but worth the effort for those sealing-wax red flowers Rhododendron forrestii Tumescens goup, shown by John Richards

and a close view of another Rhododendron, this one shown by Harry Roberts. Rhododendron petrocharis

A couple of general views of the show bench, showing excellent primulas. The first picture shows the current popularity of Primula Broadwell Milkmaid with many examples of this plant

A little more unusual on the bench - Pterostylis 'Nodding Grace' shown by Les Brown, one of the Australian ground orchids

Tecophilaea is a genus that has increased in popularity and most of us are attracted to those fantastic flowers in various shades of blue Here are two different pots of Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Leichtlinii, the first shown by Mike Bramley

And this one shown by Edward Barraclough, with a close up of the flowers

A couple of narcissus both shown by Ian Leslie Narcissus rupicola and close up of same plant

Narcissus calcicola

And to finish, a couple of frits An excellent form of Fritillaria crassifolia, from Tahir Pass in Turkey, shown by Trevor Whitaker

And also shown by Trevor Whitaker and winning a Certificate of Merit, Fritillaria euboeica

Contribution from john lee 22 March 2009, 19:02top / bottom of page

As there were a few people taking the plants I thought you may like to see a few of the faces that made this an axcellent show.

Carol and Cliff well in control

Not much action with the camera,Diane and Dave,

John Richards and John Dower,

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