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AGS Shows: East Lancashire National Show 23rd March 2013

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Started by: Cliff Booker

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 03 March 2013, 12:38top / bottom of page

Show details:-

Contribution from Cliff Booker 04 March 2013, 12:04top / bottom of page
Whitworth Valley News

Article from the Whitworth News magazine that is distributed to every residence in the township of Whitworth ... published 3rd March 2013.

Whitworth Valley News

Contribution from Tim Ingram 05 March 2013, 08:45top / bottom of page

Cliff - I love the idea of 'Alpine Flowers Festooning the Riverside!' It's rather reminiscent of the Czech Show they hold in Prague - perhaps Alpine Shows should get out into the open, a good thing in all sorts of ways. Does this mean that the East Lancs. Show is actually held in the middle of Whitworth and quite accessible to visitors? It would be nice to describe the Kent Show in similar terms, but although the venue is ideal at the School, its location is not so visible. If I can think of a similar but different line to use in a Press Release I will. I hope you have a great day up there and will look forward to seeing the results on the website.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 05 March 2013, 17:01top / bottom of page

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your best wishes which are, of course, reciprocated.

Whitworth is very much a ribbon development and our show is literally at the heart of the township of nearly 3,500 residences (many of which are tiny terraced houses with minimal gardens). We rely on visitors from the local towns of Rochdale, Burnley, Bolton and Bury - the same towns that surround our local group venue in the beautiful hill town of Ramsbottom.

We hope the advertising blurb attracts locals and newcomers alike and to this end we are holding a well-planned publicity event (in conjunction with the North Lancashire Group) at a large garden centre near Preston this weekend.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 22 March 2013, 09:53top / bottom of page

News has just come in that the East Lancs Show has had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

East Lancs Show CANCELLED

Contribution from Cliff Booker 22 March 2013, 10:22top / bottom of page


We are devastated that our wonderful East Lancashire AGS Show has had to be cancelled ... the snow is not particularly thick here in Whitworth ... yet ... but the forecast is pretty horrendous and we cannot afford to risk heavy pots being carried across a frozen car park in potentially 2 foot drifts. Health and safety must be of paramount importance and many of our exhibitors, judges, nurseries and visitors will be travelling long and arduous distances in terrible conditions and we don't want accidents or delays on our conscience.

We consulted Christine McGregor and Ray Drew and we left it as late as possible before making this difficult decision.

We apologise profusely, but snow, ice and blizzards are completely out of our control.

Roll on March 22nd 2014 ... an East Lancs Show in warm sunlight.

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