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AGS Shows: East Anglia Show 2009

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 03 May 2009, 13:08top / bottom of page

A few images from Wymondham to whet your appetite before I go and finish weeding the patio an dcutting the grass.

First the Farrer medal winner, Dianthus squarrosus, shown by Lee & Julie Martin.

Rhododendron x Maricee which won the award for the 'Best Dwarf Shrub'. Again shown by Lee & Julie Martin

Thw AGS medal winning large 6 pan exhibit. You may notice that it contains both the plants already depicted above! Well done Lee & Julie.

Cypripedium parviflorum, yet another plant form the winning 6 pan entry

Pinguicula grandiflorum, exhibited by Ian Sharpe

The Lewisia 'flower power' bit of the bench. It appears some of the brighter colours are not to everyone's taste but I love them.

Lewisia brachycalyx x cotyledon Magentas. An Ashwood hybrid designed to knock your socks off!

Lewisia tweedyi, altogether more subdued

Lewisia cotyledon Birch Hybrid. An absolutely stunning plant which lost the Farrer battle and had to settle for a well earned Certificate of Merit presented to Alan & Janet Cook

Lewisia Carousel Hybrid. Another Ashwood Nursery bred plant which comes in many pastel shades. These are now maturing in the hands of a number of exhibitors and starting to form neat domes of flower as opposed to the ring shape mostly seen to date in young plants. This one needs another week to reach it's peak. A very good example of what can be achieved can be found in the photographs from this year's Midland show.

Cypripedium Gisela shown by Ray Drew

Arisaema ringens exhibited by Ian Sharpe

Arisaema griffithii, another fine Ian Sharpe plant

Now I'm off to cut the grass. More later.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 04 May 2009, 20:45top / bottom of page

The grass cutting (and the supermarket shopping, repotting, compost buying, etc) is finally finished so time for some more pictures from Wymondham.

Firstly a 3 pan exhibit from C section aggregate winner Tony Hale

Androsace studiosorum Doksa from Ashley Sadler whcih was awarded the trophy for best plant in B section

Arisaem amurense shown by Alan & Janet Cook

A couple of shots of Calanthe discolor which won Dick & Valerie Bathe the 80th Anniversary award for the best plant in a 19cm pot

Arisaema thunbergii ssp urashima exhibited by Dick & Valerie Bathe

Paul & Gill Ranson's Certificate of Merit pan of Calceolaria uniflora

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