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AGS Shows: East Anglia Show 2016

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Started by: Don Peace

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Contribution from Don Peace 08 May 2016, 06:21top / bottom of page
Alan & Janet Cooke win the Farrer Medal with Saxifraga pubescens 'Snowcap'
Alan & Janet Cooke win the Farrer Medal with Saxif

Contribution from Tim Ingram 09 May 2016, 05:04top / bottom of page

An impressive plant indeed! - as were many others - the two different forms of Anisotome imbricata were especially fascinating to me, and Aberconwy had some plants for sale! A little more comment on this Show in a thread from the Scottish Rock Garden Club Forum, started by Tony Goode - who is a strong member of the team who organise the Show at Wymondham and is keen to increase its attraction to a much greater number of visitors: ...and my contribution to the discussion. Seems to me that we should all work together better on promoting these Shows and coming up with new ideas to do this, because the one thing we all agree on is how important we believe these plants are in horticultural and gardening terms, as well as scientific and environmental ones.

'Alan, this is one of those ongoing, never concluding, comments that we all say when we try to explain why gardeners no longer seem attracted by the 'Alpine Garden Society' - the word 'Alpine'! It is difficult to get round... The same could really be said for a 'Rock Garden Club', but the plants somehow are oblivious of all this and remain completely wonderful!! I'm rather lost for ideas for how to convince people of the fascination and importance of these plants, having grown and studied them all my life and regarded plants as having some relevance to us all in all their aspects. I've concluded of late that large scale monopolies (of which there is at least one, paradoxically, in horticulture, and which actually I've also belonged to for most of my gardening life) can sometimes swamp the smaller scale. It is simply the profile of gardening with these plants - alpines, woodland species, succulents, a whole lot more - in a more personal and educated way, that comes with long experience and fascination - which is lost to view and could become more visible by articles and media coverage. Many of us are plants-people really, not 'Alpine Plant' buffs, even though that can be the impression gained from the Shows. Or maybe they are not the place for us if we don't contribute to them - but many of us do so in different ways. Bernadette is quite right - it is personal commitment to what we do and find interesting that can reintroduce some of the small scale and more individual nature of 'gardening' over the commercial and overly authoritarian. These could be the words of someone who just regards 'alpines' as being another sort of plant, but a very very interesting sort, that you meet after walking through the woods and being captivated by woodland plants on the way! 😉. What's in a name indeed?'
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Contribution from Ian Instone 10 May 2016, 15:15top / bottom of page

Well done East Anglia for an excellent show. We were amazed at how cool the hall was when it was such a hot day.

Here are a few photo's taken at the show.

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