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AGS Shows: Dublin Show 2014

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 26 April 2014, 19:46top / bottom of page

Some pictures hot off the press from the Dublin Show starting with some candid shots during judging and views of the hall after lunch, followed by the caption competition.....just what do you think Show Secretary Michael Higgins  is saying!!!

And now a few plants

Cassiope Freebird Group, Gordon Toner

Crassula socialis, Liam Byrne

Gentiana verna, Paddy Smith's Farrer winning potful. The picture does not do it justice,

Kalmia polifolia, Liam Byrne, best Ericaceae


Next up

Lewisia cotyledon, which won Raymond Copeland the Margaret Orsi Bowl for the best plant from N America

Oxalis Gwen McBride, Gordon Toner

Petunia patagonica, A Certificate of Merit for Tim Lever

Sebaea thomasii, another Certificate of Merit for Tim Lever

My apologies ro the award winners whose plants I didn't capture including Billy Moore's Pulsatilla albana lutea (C of M), Don Peace's Androsace vandellii (best Primulaceae) and his Medal winning 6 pan, Pat Kennedy's Pulsatilla (Waverley  Trophy), Elizabeth Ross's dwarf Aquilegia (Millenium Cup), Paddy Smith's Cyclamen rhodium (Cyclamen Society Salver) and I must make mention of Class 69, the intermediate section 6 pan class which had 4 entries!!!!! and was won by Pat Kennedy.


My thanks to Michael and his team, the judges and the stewards for another great show and for making me most welcome on my return to Dublin after 50 years (yes I was very young!)

Contribution from Margaret Young 26 April 2014, 20:28top / bottom of page

Super to have the "poeple" pictures, Martin - so many dear friends there and it's good to see them looking well - and doing well with their grand plants.

The Farrer plant is a beauty - I love that it shows seedling variation.

Wouldn't the  Oxalis named for Gwen MacBride make a great  two-pan partner with the Petunia patagonica ?  Such intricate yet unfussy markings in both.

Congratulations to Paddy on this success - and to all the other exhibitors giving such a good display.

Surprised to see you were across there, Martin -  I had no idea there was a rope ladder over the Irish sea  ;>)

Contribution from Don Peace 27 April 2014, 19:05top / bottom of page
Paddy Smith and his Farrer Medal winning Gentiana verna
Paddy Smith and his Farrer Medal winning Gentiana

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