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AGS Shows: Cleveland Show 19th April 2014

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Started by: Margaret Young

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Contribution from Margaret Young 20 April 2014, 14:10top / bottom of page

Congratulations to George Young on winning the Farrer Medal for his pan of Fritillaria affinis - and to all the other exhibitors at Cleveland this Easter weekend.

It may be of interest that Tim Lever, Farrer winner at the AGS  Midland Show last week, was awarded a certificate of merit at the SRGC Perth Show  yesterday (19th).Forrest Medal winner in Perth was Cyril Lafong for a pan of Iris pumila.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 20 April 2014, 18:41top / bottom of page

A few pictures to keep the voyeurs happy

Arisaema amurense var serratum, shown by Fred & Pat Bundy

Arisaema amurense shown by yours truly

Calanthe kozu, john savage

Dicentra cuccularia Pittsburg, Ivor Betteridge (how do you keep Dicentra cuccularia compact and with the flowers above the foliage, mine were the other way round this year!)

Next 3 attempts to capture George Young's Farrer winning pot of Fritillaria affinis

It's Lewisia tweedyi time now, a mixture of Apricot, Peach and Rose from myself and Rod & Shirley Johnson

And finally Chris Lilley's Ranunculus montanus

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 20 April 2014, 20:30top / bottom of page

Martin, what compost do you use for the Arisaema? Do they need to be kept quite moist and shaded?


Contribution from Martin Rogerson 20 April 2014, 21:16top / bottom of page

Helen, almost everything here gets the same compost with minor tweaks. The Arisaemas get a 50/50 mix of J.I. no 3 and 4-6mm grit with maybe 10% of the finest grade bark, or peat, added. They are kept well watered in growth but in semi shade. When they start to die back I let them dry and keep them under a bench in a lean to greenhouse on the back of the house which faces South. They get given a good drink in late January or early February whether they need it or not. I'm not the most succesful Arisaema grower so there are probably better ways. A. amurense is always the first up by several weeks

Contribution from Margaret Young 21 April 2014, 10:29top / bottom of page
Arisaema in the garden

You may want to keep them in pots for showing but Arisaema are good garden plants, too.

Many increase quite well and will make little colonies in the garden but even those which are less enthusiastic about multiplying can make a stiking feature in a garden setting. They seem happy in many soil types, not being too fussy about the ph. Further south than Aberdeen they might prefer a more shady situation -  not a question we have to worry about !

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 21 April 2014, 17:30top / bottom of page

Thank you Margaret and Martin

i have some Ariseama in the garden but their spaths (flowers) tend to droop so I have moved them to a more moist location. I try potting one up for showing in the future

Contribution from Ian Instone 22 April 2014, 07:46top / bottom of page

Below are a few pictures that took my fancy from the Cleveland show.

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