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AGS Shows: Blackpool Show 12th March 2011

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Started by: Diane Clement

a few pictures from today's show

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Firstly, thanks to Lionel , Darren, Susan and all the gang from North Lancashire for their hard work today.
I'll start the ball rolling with some general views of the hall. 

Contribution from Diane Clement 12 March 2011, 22:53top / bottom of page

Paul and Gill Ranson's plants waiting to be staged. What a fantastic set of plants, well done Paul.

And a few pictures of plants that caught me eye, not necessarily the main award plants - pictures of these will be on the main show site.

Narcissus cordubensis shown by Tony Lee

Viola trinervata, shown by George Young, grown from Ratko seed sown in 2000. It was awarded a Certificate of Merit. The plant was shown in a very large chimney pot shape pot. What a little gem.

Saxifraga oppositifolia "Duncan Lowe's form" super white form shown by Dave Riley.

Scilla sibirica shown by Barry Winter

Gagea fibrosa shown by Ian Leslie

The fabled pot of Fritillaria alburyana shown by Geoff Rollinson

Asarum heterotropoides var mandshuricum shown by our new Director of Shows, Ray Drew on his first visit to the Blackpool show.

Corydalis solida 'Blushing Girl' shown by George Young

Androsace ciliata shown by Chris Lilley

                                                Androsace 'Millstream' shown by Ian Kidman

                                                                                                            and a close up of the latter

And last from me: Saxifraga 'Riverslea' shown by Mark Childerhouse

Contribution from Jon Evans 13 March 2011, 20:58top / bottom of page

Hi Diane

Thanks for showing us a little of what looks to have been a fine show. It is always good to see pictures from the shows which are too far for me to get to.

You haven't said what won the Forrest medal, but I notice in the second picture above that there are some interesting cards underneath a large dionysia in what I would guess to be Paul and Gill Ranson's entry in the large six-pan class, and I think I can make out one which says 'Best in Show'. There were certainly some very inspiring plants in his entry last week in Loughborough.

Contribution from Diane Clement 13 March 2011, 21:28top / bottom of page

Yes Paul and Gill Ranson won the Forrest medal with Dionysia freitagii x viscidula 'Goteborg'. They also won the large 6 pan, the small six pan, the Open Aggregate ... quite a good day for them! And congratulations to them. I've not included the award winners here as they will feature in the main show section on this site where they will get more professional portraits.

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