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AGS Shows: Autumn South Show 2010

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 27 September 2010, 21:05top / bottom of page

Saturday dawned bright and clear for the Autumn South show, though the light deteriorated gradually through the morning, and it looked as though we would have a storm at one point in the early afternoon. This meant that some of the photography later on was a bit of a struggle, and the results reflect this.

As usual, the show was dominated by a row of huge pots of cyclamen on the top table. Doug Joyce and I, who were working together to do the photography, managed to put off photographing these until lunch, concentrating on the crocuses etc while they were still open in sunlight, and in the end only carried and photographed two of the dozen or so giants.

I'd like to start by showing you a group of plants brought by Kit Strange from the RBG Kew, for consideration by the Joint Rock Garden Committee, and subsequently placed as a non-competitive display on one side of the hall.


For me, the highlight of this display was a group of three South African Strumarias, growing and flowering much more vigorously than my own seem to. Strumaria gemmata, S. merxmuelleriana, and a beautiful pink budded S. truncata.

Biarum pyrami

The JRGC finished with this plant very quickly; fortunately for you the camera records only the lovely deep red velvet colour, and not the smell. Accompanying it from Kew were Petrocosmea nervosa, and Nerine hesseoides.

Biarum pyrami
More South African Bulbs

There was a strong showing from South Africa in the competitive classes as well. Here are

Empodium flexile, winning a first and a Certificate of Merit for Bob and Rannveig Wallis,

Hessea stellaris exhibited by George Elder, and

Ornithogalum gifsbergense exhibited by Ray Drew,

both winning firsts for their growers.

More South African Bulbs
Autumn Crocuses

The Empodium was not the only bulb to win an award; these two pans of crocuses, Crocus banaticus exhibited by Paul and Gill Ranson and Crocus vallicola exhibited by Alan Furness, both won their respective classes, and Certificates of Merit.

Autumn Crocuses

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