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AGS Shows: Autumn Show North

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Started by: Ian Instone

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Contribution from Ian Instone 06 September 2014, 10:29top / bottom of page
Autumn Show North. Saturday September 20th
Autumn Show North. Saturday September 20th

Contribution from Cliff Booker 20 September 2014, 17:44top / bottom of page

Just back from the excellent Pontefract AGS Show at Featherstone (20th September 2014).  The weather has been dull, misty and overcast, but inside the Chesneys Centre the benches were full of superb foliage plants, beautiful ferns, conifers and cushions, a host of magical cyclamen and a number of well-flowered gentians.
Though the Farrer Medal was withheld on this occasion, the plant voted 'Best in Show' also won a very well-deserved Certificate of Merit for Shelley's Steve Walters. This superbly flowered Cyclamen hederifolium ssp. crassifolium (ex Zakynthos) was (I believe) considered to be slightly under-potted for the size of the corm and perhaps just a tad tall in flower.  Still a magnificent exhibit.  Congratulations to Steve and to the Show organisers on a lovely event.

Steve Walters from Shelley - Winner of the Best in Show exhibit.
Best in Show at Pontefract - Cyclamen hederifolium ssp. crassifolium ex Zakynthos

Contribution from Ian Instone 21 September 2014, 19:43top / bottom of page
Below are a few last minute pictures of Autumn Show North with my steamed up lens just retrieved from my cold car.

I would like to thank all of the exhibitors who made the effort to attend our Autumn show and managed, for the time of year, to find some fantastic plants to bring along and helped to make our show a most worthwhile event. I would also like to thank the team of helpers who worked very hard to to put on this event. 

Below are a few last minute pictures of Autumn Sho

It was good to see some entries in the 'C' section shown here.

Contribution from Ian Instone 21 September 2014, 20:32top / bottom of page

Thank you Cliff for your kind comments about our show at Featherstone. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

Contribution from Jon Evans 22 September 2014, 21:56top / bottom of page

On Friday morning, I made the long trip up to Pontefract, initially through floods and debris from Thursday night’s storms, and subsequently through heavy drizzle and even heavier traffic.  I arrived just after 2.30 to deliver the pictures for the artistic section, and help put them up.  Amazingly, and only because the local group had managed to get the boards in place before I arrived, we were finished by 5pm (thanks to Joan and Ann for their stalwart assistance), and I had a good meal and a pleasant evening with Fred and Pat Bundy (well, mainly with Fred – Pat was frantically pre-cooking bacon for the following morning’s bacon butties).  By 7.30am we were back at the show; I staged a few plants, retrieved a few art exhibits which had fallen during the night and pinned them back up, grabbed a buttie and a mug of tea, and then it was time for judging to start.  Lots of exhibits and complex decisions meant that the art judging took a long time, and it was mid-day before I got back downstairs to start the show photography, so my apologies if there are fewer plants than normal.  Thank you Ian for posting the views of the show – I didn’t get a chance to take any – and Cliff for getting some images of the best plant in show up so quickly.

Colchicum troodii

As normal, I started with plants I thought might close or flop during the day.  This lovely pan was exhibited by Alan Newton.

Colchicum troodii
Colchicum pusillum

Dave Riley exhibited two pans of this tiny Colchicum species, seldom seen as floriferous as this.

Colchicum pusillum
Colchicum macrophyllum

One of the most spectacular colchicums, from Peter Farkasch.

Colchicum macrophyllum
Colchicum baytopiorum

This is always my favourite though, exhibited by Pauline Carless (mine aren’t above the ground yet).

Colchicum baytopiorum

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