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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from Jon Evans 02 October 2012, 17:48top / bottom of page
Strumaria discifera ssp. discifera (?)

By comparison, my own strumaria was rather unexciting; still it got a first in the Intermediate section.

Nerine masoniorum

One final South African bulb; this is an autumn show stalwart, exhibited by Cecilia Coller.

Gentiana sino-ornata hybrid

Not all the plants exhibited were bulbs of course; this was one of the few gentians on display, exhibited by Anne Vale.

Clematis heracleifolia Pink Dwarf

This interesting little clematis was exhibited by Keith and Rachel Lever from Aberconwy Nursery. Apparently there is also a blue form which is attractive.

Gymnocarpium oyamense

I think I photographed this fern earlier in the year, but no apologies for showing it again; I think it is most attractive.

Petrocosmea forrestii

This tiny Petrocosmea was grouped with two different versions of P. minor in a three pan exhibited by Alan Newton. Clearly the little plants are only in this pan for the show, and their growing containers are showing above the gravel. However, they are very charming little plants, and I haven't seen them on the bench before.

Pyrethrum leontopodium

Another of Alan Newton's plants. I keep trying to take good photographs of some of these silver foliage plants, but never seem to capture the softness of the plant. Looks like I need to try again.

Centaurea clementei

Another silver foliage plant, this time from Lee and Julie Martin.

Gaultheria crassa John Saxton

Finally, one of the things you only really see at the autumn shows is plants with berries on. This was exhibited by Keith and Rachel Lever.

Gaultheria mucronata

Another gaultheria, this time from Clive Dart, who leads John Fitzpatrick in the Intermediate aggregate by a narrow margin.

Gautheria species

This third gaultheria was exhibited by Alan Newton, who watched me carrying it, and threatened dire consequences if the berries didn't make it to next week's show at Loughborough.

Arum italicum

Finally, another berried plant, this time from Andrew Ward, the runaway leader in the Novice aggregate this year.

And that is it - the show is over - now a quick drive home... but sadly not. The diesel spill on the M25 was still causing long delays, so we went cross-country - Maidstone - Tonbridge - Tunbridge Wells - East Grinstead - Crawley - Horsham - Guildford. 3 hours to do 90 miles, driving straight into the sun again (it is only 75 miles on the motorway, and usually about 80 minutes). I hope everyone else had a good and safe trip home. Thanks to David Hoare and his team for another excellent show.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 October 2012, 19:54top / bottom of page

Thanks Jon, now I fell less guilty that I haven't processed my own pictures yet :-)

Contribution from Jim McGregor 02 October 2012, 20:31top / bottom of page

Thanks from me too Jon. I couldn't make it on Saturday, but your show report fills the gap nicely. See you at Loughborough this week.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 October 2012, 12:14top / bottom of page
Advice to new members attending Shows

Helen Johnstone has mentioned elsewhere that she would like more advice on the plants at the Shows; how easy they may be to grow to those new to alpine gardening, and which plants may be really difficult or for the adventurous gardener. There is a lot of advice and comments in the Journal under the Show reports but this is not so accessible to new members. There can be advice from exhibitors at the Shows themselves, but the same tends to apply unless you seriously become involved in exhibiting. Reading through Jon's superb accounts of the Show plants, and seeing his pictures, often provides a lot of interesting information, but understandably it is not possible to go into more detail about the plants. I am with Helen in thinking it would be good to get more practical information presented at the Shows themselves and on the website directly linked to the reports about the Shows (perhaps picking out notable plants that are especially worthwhile and will encourage newcomers - I like the dwarf pink form of Clematis heraclifolia for example). It is difficult to judge what a following something like this would have from present responses on the website, and most descriptions elsewhere (eg: on the SRGC Forum) only show pictures of plants with little further comment. Even though I have been a member for so long the fact that I don't often exhibit plants makes me almost feel as much a beginner, and if I feel like that I suspect that others do to. I am probably ideally placed to do what I suggest (he says with a degree of chagrin) so will try to do this after the Kent Show next spring, in addition to preparing a display on propagation of alpines. It is though something that this Forum is ideally placed to provide more in reaction to what people ask.

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 03 October 2012, 12:22top / bottom of page

Thanks Tim - I know the AGS does some leaflet on easy alpines to start with which I have and are very good as far as they go. I am taking as my guide that the plants in the novice class are easy, intermediate less so etc but I also know that when you exhibit you have to start in the novice class and work you way up so this might confuse my assumption.

The Chair of the Malvern & Cotswold group did an interesting piece in their recent newsletter about what plants were good to start with if you wanted to exhibit - it was written to encourage people to enter the groups show as opposed to the AGS shows but I found it very interesting and information so he may be willing to share.

Contribution from june saddington 03 October 2012, 16:11top / bottom of page

I am also a very new grower of Alpines, and I will visiting my 1st Alpine Show this Sat at Loughborough.

I doubt I'll achieve anything worthy of entry into such a show, although I did once win longest runner bean at a local produce show many years ago.

I was going to take notes on what Alpine plants would be suitable for a new grower such as myself and i'm delighted to discover the next talk at my local AGS group is titled "Growing and Showing", so I'm really hopping for some good tips from there.

So I just wanted to add my support if there are any plans for info produced for aid new growers like myself in order to perhaps have a go at a show, or two in the future.

Incidentally following on from Helens post, I googled The Chair of the Malvern & Cotswold group and found the newsletter she mentions and the interesting information and recommendations in their newsletter, its very informative, & i've added a couple of plant names to my wants list now.

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 08 January 2013, 19:16top / bottom of page

What're the nurseries attented to the Kent spring show?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 09 January 2013, 10:18top / bottom of page

Hello Yann. David Hoare, the Show Secretary, will put details about the nurseries coming to the Spring Show when he invites members to the Show closer to the day. But for anyone interested in coming along this is a great time to see plants and there will be many fine specialist nurseries attending with a very wide range of plants. We can assure you an enjoyable day!

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 10 January 2013, 22:06top / bottom of page

Hello Tim, yes it should be a nice day, the automn show was wonderful and i met nice people there.

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