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AGS Shows: AGS shows 2011

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Started by: Luc Gilgemyn

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Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 15 November 2010, 20:50top / bottom of page

Have the dates for the 2011 AGS shows already been confirmed ?

I'm particularly interested in the Kent and the Harlow shows.


Contribution from Martin Rogerson 16 November 2010, 17:50top / bottom of page

Luc, the dates are on the website. Go 'Out & About', 'Shows', 'Dates & Venues.



Contribution from john lee 17 November 2010, 17:12top / bottom of page

Hi Martin A few changes next year I see,A little more competition for you at East Anglia as it does not clash with East Cheshire,Brian and Shelagh,Diane,Peter,Dave Mountfort,and me,and a few I must have missed,and No Summer North where will the Pudsey piglets go?.By the way I have a plant for you from Diane.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 17 November 2010, 17:40top / bottom of page

Not sure I can cope with all that added competition at East Anglia but at least I won't be seen drinking alone in the pub!

I wondered who Diane had found to take responsibility! Thanks

Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 17 November 2010, 21:18top / bottom of page

Thanks for helping out Martin !

Last time I looked it was still the 2010 programm that was listed.

Thanks again

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