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AGS Shows: AGS South West show Class 80

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Started by: Lawrence Peet

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Contribution from Lawrence Peet 30 March 2015, 23:06top / bottom of page

Does anyone have any photographs of the two entries in class 80 intermediate section, 6 pans of rock plants. I am fairly new to showing and trying to gauge the standard required

Contribution from Jon Evans 31 March 2015, 08:08top / bottom of page


I do have photos of these entries, along with many of the plants at the show, but it is going to be Wednesday at the earliest before I can post them here - I have to be out all day today.  The judges have been particularly demanding with the six pan classes in recent shows, but the main principle is that all six plants should be of a standard to win a first in the relevant section (so don't think you can 'hide' slightly weaker plants here, or use up the remaining plants after you have chosen your best for the one pan classes).  In addition, there should be a pleasing combination of plants, either because they are a well-balanced mix, or because they are all the same colour or the same genus (check the rules for this - some six pan classes limit the number of plants from a single genus).  Remember that as well as looking for well-grown and flowered plants, judges also consider rarity, and difficulty of cultivation.  I am not a plant judge myself, and have never entered a plant six-pan class, let alone won one, but I think this covers it. 

Contribution from Paul Ranson 31 March 2015, 11:17top / bottom of page

I think you've put it almost perfectly Jon. 

Contribution from Lawrence Peet 31 March 2015, 17:43top / bottom of page

Thanks very much Jon for such a comprehensive reply, and I look forward to the photographs whenever you have time, ( and thanks Paul)

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