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AGS Shows: AGS Show Programme 2015

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 28 November 2014, 14:41top / bottom of page

The show dates for 2015 are now published on the website (click Dates and Venues above).  Please note that this information is wrong in one respect - there WILL be an artistic section at the Kendal Show.

Contribution from Jon Evans 29 November 2014, 00:00top / bottom of page

Looks like Jim has corrected this now.

Contribution from SJ Walters 06 December 2014, 00:28top / bottom of page

Good to see that there is now a show at RHS Harlow Carr - what a great venue. Presumably this replaces the Autumn Show North at Featherstone? Any particular reason why this was dropped? Facilities/lighting/parking not up to scratch?

Contribution from Lawrence Peet 06 December 2014, 08:01top / bottom of page

Yes I couldn't agree more, although i am bias, as Harlow Carr is on my doorstep. Talking to the staff at Harlow Carr on Thursday and they are planning  a whole alpine weekend !!!

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 06 December 2014, 16:10top / bottom of page

Sounds like a good excuse for a weekend away

Contribution from john harrison 26 January 2015, 14:19top / bottom of page

NEW TROPHY FOR MIDLAND SHOW  Robin & Sue White of Blackthorn Nursery have donated a trophy for a 3 pan of Daphne`s in the 19cm class. Robin will of course not be entering himself in this particular class but restricting himself to the large pan class. We shall also be having Miniature Garden classes in all three sections  this year so exhibitors in sections `B` and `C`  please get planting.

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