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AGS Shows: AGS Midland Show at Knowle, Solihull

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 18 April 2010, 23:43top / bottom of page

On Saturday the AGS Midland Show took place at Knowle, thanks to the hard work of show secretary John Harrison and his many helpers. Particular thanks must go to Sandra who kept me supplied with tea throughout the day. The morning drive was beautiful (albeit with a trace of frost to scrape off the car windows before we started); a lovely cool crisp start to a late spring day, with the motorway lined with primroses and cowslips.

Normally I think of this show as marking the end of the early spring shows, with genera like dionysia, primula and narcissus handing over to irises, cypripediums, daphnes, lewisias and rhododendrons. This year, because of the late season, more of the former were in evidence, and perhaps fewer of the latter, though Robin White still produced a magnificent six pan entry of Daphnes for Class 1, and Lionel Clarkson's wonderful Daphne petraea Lydora won the Farrer Medal.

Though the plant itself was quite small, the pot was one of the heaviest I carried all day, pipped only by Ian Kidman's Paraquilegia anemonoides, which unfortunately was one of the last plants I picked up in the afternoon.

Let's start with some general views of the benches at the show:

I think the bench across the front of the stage must have had extra trestles: it had on it dwarf conifers, sempervivum classes, and miniature gardens. Strangely, none of these entries got photographed individually.

For a change, I'm going to start with the Novice section (C) and move through to the Open large pan section in reverse order of weight.

Arisaema Thiwaneuse

exhibited by Nigel Southall in the Novice section

Arisaema Thiwaneuse
Pleione Piton

Martin Lindop entered this lovely Pleione in the Intermediate Section (B).

Pleione Piton
Lewisia tweedyi rosea

Exhibited by Margaret Pickering, also in the Intermediate Section. Margaret also brought the Benthamiella patagonica which won the Crataegus Trophy for the best plant in the section (illustrated in the Show Gallery).

Lewisia tweedyi rosea

That's all for now; it is nearly midnight and I spent all day out in the garden in the sun. More plant portraits from the Open Section tomorrow.

Contribution from Jon Evans 19 April 2010, 19:14top / bottom of page
Small pan Open Classes

Before I proceed, I should like to point out that I killed 15 lily beetles yesterday, and 12 during my lunch break today. So battle is well and truly joined once again this year. Fortunately, at this time of year they seem obsessed by reproduction, so not only do you find them in couples, which are a little less adept at escaping, but each kill seems to have added value for the eggs which you have prevented. But I cannot afford the time to go and inspect all the lilies and fritillaries in the garden every hour, so I will have to see whether there are any systemic insecticides still on the market which look like they might be effective against this scarlet menace.

Fritillaria tubiformis

Don Peace won the class for 3 pans raised from seed with an entry including this, and Fritillaria messanensis gracilis.

Fritillaria tubiformis

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