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AGS Shows: AGS London Show 2015

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 13 April 2015, 17:35top / bottom of page

First of all, let me apologise for the late appearance of this information.  It has taken a long time to sort out some of the details.  This year's London Show will take place at the Royal Horticultural Society's Lindley Hall on Vincent Square, Westminster on Sunday 26th April 2015. 

The show will be open from 10am to 5pm (the show benches will not be open until approx. 10.30).  This year we will have an increased number of trade stands:

Jacques Amand
D'Arcy Everest
Tale Valley Nurseries
Primrose Hall Nurseries
Wildside Nurseries
Parham Bungalow Plants
Trewidden Nurseries
Straight Mile Nurseries
plus an AGS plant stall and bookstall.

There will be a programme of lectures throughout the day.  Speakers will include Jim McGregor and Robert Rolfe.

Transport to the show should be considerably easier on the Sunday, if it were not for the London Marathon.  The London Congestion Charge does not apply on a Sunday and traffic in London is usually light on a Sunday morning.  Parking in both the Pay by Phone and Residential bays around Vincent Square, should be free on Sunday, but please read the signs; don’t take my word for it. 

However, this year the show coincides with the London Marathon, which is likely to cause some problems with transport (both traffic congestion and busy train, bus and underground services), and possibly with parking.  We can expect that parking will be noticeably busier in Vincent Square.  For detailed information about the road closures associated with the Marathon see

Staging will be possible from 4pm to 7pm on Saturday afternoon, or from 8am to 9.30am on Sunday morning.  From 8am on the Sunday morning, an RHS Traffic Marshal in a high-visibility vest will be on duty outside the hall on Elverton Street, just off Vincent Square, and will issue exhibitors with parking permits for loading and unloading. There is room for about 15 cars using this system. Once exhibitors have unloaded, they will be required to park elsewhere. 

If the parking bays in the square are full, parking will be available at the Horseferry Road APCOA car park (access from the junction of Medway Street and Arneway Street).  Forms for exhibitors and judges for discounted parking there will be available from the Show Administration desk.  You will need to present the form and pay at the car park office (upstairs at the pedestrian entrance).

I have attached a map of the area around the hall (map data © Google).  The Lindley Hall is marked ‘B’ on the map. The main entrance is on Elverton Street, but there is a side entrance via the fire escape onto Vincent Square which may be open for staging.  Please note the arrows on the square and surrounding streets which indicate the one way system.

Driving in to Central London

The following is the best advice I can give, but traffic in London is notoriously variable, and unexpected events can cause any routes to be jammed without notice.

Access to Vincent Square itself is easiest from Rochester Row.

From the North: Follow the M1 in to Brent Cross, then take the A5/A41 down to Marble Arch, and on down to Victoria.

From the West: Follow the M3 or M4 into London. After crossing the Hammersmith Flyover, turn right on Earls Court Road (A3220) and follow it down to The Embankment. Follow the Embankment until you reach Horseferry Road.

From the South: Follow the A3 into London. At the Oval turn left and cross Vauxhall Bridge.

From the East:  The obvious route is to drive in on the A13, but this will be closed through central London because of the Marathon.  I suggest taking the North Circular as far as Brent Cross, and then following the directions from there.

The show is about 10 minutes walk from Victoria Station and from Parliament Square. The nearest Underground stations are Victoria, Pimlico and St James Park.

Please consider whether you could bring some plants in for the show; despite the Marathon, I would like to make it a good one.  Also, this year there will again be a Members’ Plant Stall; we would welcome plants for that.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 26th April.  I hope you enjoy the day, and the opportunity to watch the Marathon as well as visiting the show.

Contribution from Jon Evans 13 April 2015, 18:26top / bottom of page

P.S. Admission is free to RHS and AGS members on production of a valid membership card.  Non-members £5 in advance, £8 on the day.

Contribution from Jon Evans 30 April 2015, 21:23top / bottom of page

I'm a little disappointed that it falls to the show secretary to post some photos of the show.  I didn't get time to do the job properly, and do the plants justice, but here are some of the exhibits from the show.  I would like to thank all the judges, exhibitors and helpers for making the show a success despite the Marathon, and all the visitors who turned up on a day when the transport system in London was undoubtedly much busier than a normal Sunday, though our bit of Westminster was surprisingly quiet.

I'm setting up another event tomorrow at the crack of dawn (a camera club exhibition in Fleet), so I don't have time to write a commentary - I have only just managed to sort out the pictures.

Let's start with the information desk.  This is something we started a few years back at London, so the bookstand could concentrate on selling merchandise, instead of fielding questions about plants.  On Sunday, we had three people on the desk for most of the day, doing sterling work answering questions, selling seed and persuading visitors to join the society.  By the time I started taking pictures things had quietened down, and the stall was manned by the charming Bob Charman.

Display from RHS Wisley

At the end of the hall was a fine display from RHS Wisley, which was given a Gold Award.

Display from RHS Wisley
Lachenalia mathewsii

A few plants from the Wisley display.

Lachenalia mathewsii
Lachenalia unicolor

Exhibited by RHS Wisley

Lachenalia unicolor
Leucocoryne Andes

Also exhibited by RHS Wisley

Leucocoryne Andes
Iris reichenbachii

From my friend James Lintott in the Novice Section

Iris reichenbachii
Erythronium Spinners

The only one of my own plants which was remotely show standard.

Erythronium Spinners
Aloe descoingsii x haworthioides

I took this aloe because I thought visitors might find the rosettes interesting, but there wasn't really a suitable class for it.

Aloe descoingsii x haworthioides
Kalmia polifolia Compacta Alba

Gemma Hayes from Aberconwy got (I think her first) first in the Intermediate section with this Kalmia.

Kalmia polifolia Compacta Alba
Iris paradoxa

Exhibited by Peter Furneaux

Iris paradoxa
Androsace hausmannii x hirtella

Exhibited by Alan & Janet Cook

Androsace hausmannii x hirtella
Primula coelata

Exhibited by John Richards.  Awarded a Botanical Certificate by JRGC.

Primula coelata
Androsace squarrosula

Exhibited by Paul & Gill Ranson

Androsace squarrosula

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