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AGS Shows: AGS KENT SHOW 22nd MARCH 2014

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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from David Hoare 21 February 2014, 17:39top / bottom of page

We look forward to seeing you at the KENT SHOW on SATURDAY 22nd MARCH at The Rainham Girls School, Derwent Way, Rainham ME8 0BX

Show open at 12noon     Plant Sales from 9am until 4pm                                         Trophy Presentation 2-30pm

Nurseries attending are.

Aberconwy, Potterton's, Choice Landscapes, Copton Ash, Parham Bungalow Plants

Wildside, Plant Base,& Jacques Amand

If you have any spare plants please bring them along for the AGS members plant stall double labelled

Refreshments surplied by "INNOVATE"

David Hoare

 Picture;- Farrer Medal plant from last year.

Contribution from David Hoare 18 March 2014, 10:47top / bottom of page

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 22nd KENT SHOW this Saturday

I have booked a smooth crossing for the Channel Hoppers!!!

Plant Sales from 9am    Show open 12noon approx'   Prize giving at 2-30pm

Have a safe journey.




Contribution from Margaret Young 18 March 2014, 16:57top / bottom of page
Busy Saturday 22nd

With the SRGC Show in Kincardine and the East Lancs AGS show in Whitworth as well as the Kent Show, there  should be "something for everyone" on the 22nd!

 I think some of the Channel Hoppers have started using Eurostar, David - so that's something less for you to worry about as Show Sec if the weather isn't great!

Contribution from Tim Ingram 18 March 2014, 19:02top / bottom of page

A few tasters from last year! 

A trio of saxifrages from David.

Tecophilaea from Peter Jacob.

Les Cheeseman's Sfrederici-angusti hybrid.

A little piece of embroidery...

And Robin White's stand early on before most of the plants make their way to gardens across all of southern England and across the channel!

Always a day to remember!

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 20 March 2014, 18:57top / bottom of page

The boot is now empty, shuttle papers already inside the wallet. We should reach the show in the early morning. By then i gonna sleep a lot recovering from a flu!

Contribution from David Hoare 23 March 2014, 17:31top / bottom of page

Another excellent Kent Show.Thank you  to all the show team for there hard work putting on the show.

Thanks also to the exhibitors, judges, nursery men & ladies, Ruth and her girls for feeding and watering us and AGS members and the public. I hope you all enjoyed the day.

Also a big thank you to Radio Kent's Andy Garland for the excellent publicity he gave us on his gardening programme,

See you again on Saturday 22nd September for Autumn South Show.

David Hoare.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 24 March 2014, 07:15top / bottom of page

And big thanks to David for a very great deal that goes on behind the scenes!

Contribution from Jim McGregor 24 March 2014, 16:24top / bottom of page

Thanks from me too to everyone involved.  The results from the Show are up now as well with some pictures from the Show Photographers, Doug Joyce and Jon Evans:

Show Results and Pictures, 2014

A Meeting of the RHS Joint Rock Committee also took place at the Show.  Pictures of plants receiving Awards can be found in the report of the meeting:

Joint Rock, Kent Show 2014

Contribution from Jon Evans 24 March 2014, 16:29top / bottom of page

Hi Everyone

I had a great day on Saturday, and thoroughly enjoyed the show, despite working hard most of the day, helping to judge the art, and then taking the show photos.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the show such a success, and in particular to Janine Doulton who worked hard on Friday evening and all day Saturday to put up, steward, take down and pack up all the artistic entries.

Narcissus bulbocodium

Janine Doulton didn't just wrangle the art - she found time to enter a few plants in the Intermediate section.  This little perfect pan of Narcissus bulbocodium, raised from seed sown in 2009, reflects her great knowledge of and interest in daffodils.

Fritillaria hermonis

Peter Hardy won the Longfield Trophy for the best plant in the Intermediate Section with this fritillary.

Fritillaria hermonis
Narcissus minor Douglas Bank

By this point, judging had nearly finished and I was trying to photograph the plants which had been put up for consideration by JRGC before they all disappeared.  This Narcissus was exhibited by Kit Grey-Wilson.

Narcissus minor Douglas Bank
Corydalis Purple Haze

This corydalis was raised and exhibited by Kit Grey-Wilson

Corydalis Purple Haze
Townsendia exscapa

At the same time as capturing the plants going to JRGC, I was also keen to photograph any plant whose flowers were likely to close or collapse as the day drew on.  This was the best plant in the show, exhibited by Eric Jarrett. 

There was a lot of confusion about it, because it was in a 19cm pot class, and was adjudged, after measurement, to be too big and therefore NAS.  I am not sure whether this issue was in part the cause of a Farrer medal being withheld; in theory a Farrer can be awarded to a plant from a non-competitive display, so the fact that the plant did not win its class would appear not to be relevant, but no doubt those involved in the decision had their own justification for it.

Townsendia exscapa
Spiloxene species

Still looking for flowers which might not be open all day, I found this wonderful South African bulb, exhibited by George Elder.  It might have only won second in its class, but it was definitely my favourite plant of the day.  In the event, not only did the flower stay open until the close of the show, but the second bloom also opened fully.

Spiloxene species
Narcissus alpestris

Back to the plants for JRGC.  This lovely form of Narcissus alpestris with lemon yellow trumpets was exhibited by Ian Robertson, and was given an Award of Merit.  There was some debate about naming, which needs to be clarified, and the clone will need to be named.

Narcissus alpestris
Tulipa cretica Mt Dikti form

Now a plant I know shuts its blooms as soon as the sun disappears.  This lovely pot of tulips was also exhibited by Ian Robertson.  Although he has exhibited it for several years, this was the first time that I have heard the (apparently sensible) suggestion that it might be a hybrid between T. cretica and another, which might account for the colour and stature of this plant.

Tulipa cretica Mt Dikti form
Hyacinthoides reverchonii

Another plant queuing for consideration by JRGC.  This bulb (formerly Scilla reverchonii) was exhibited by Bob and Rannveig Wallis and was awarded a PC.  It performs really well in the open garden as well as in pots.

Hyacinthoides reverchonii
Narcissus obesus Lee Martin

This wonderful pan was staged by Lee Martin himself, with his wife Julie.  The JRGC awarded a First Class Certificate, and a Certificate of Cultural Commendation, but apparently it wasn't considered for the top awards in the show, because noone thought to take it up.  In my eyes, and those of many visitors to the show, this was certainly a potential Farrer plant, so it was sad to see it overlooked.

Narcissus obesus Lee Martin

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