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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from David Hoare 03 August 2015, 20:12top / bottom of page

The Kent Autumn Show will take place on Saturday 26th September 2015 at

The Rainham School for Girls, Derwent Way, Rainham, Kent. ME8 0BX

Nurseries attending are. Aberconwy, Jacques Amand, Potterton's, Hartside,   Copton Ash, Buried Treasure, Wildside, Chioce Landscapes, and Laneside Orchids

All nurseries will be pleased to bring orders to the show.

Exhibitors please park on the netball courts, no parking on the grass and paving slabs.


Admission £2-50 AGS Members & Children Free. Refreshments, Tombola

We look forward to seeing you.

David Hoare.


Contribution from Tim Ingram 19 August 2015, 18:35top / bottom of page

I would just like to take this opportunity, which I am sure very many members will share, to express my sincere thanks to David - along with every else involved - for the many years he has run the Kent Alpine Shows at Rainham, and to wish Adrian Cooper well for the future plans for these Shows in Kent. It has always been thoroughly enjoyable to visit and be involved with the Shows, and though they may seem specialised - and rather hidden away at the Rainham School for Girls - for any gardeners with a significant and deep interest in plants (and not just alpines) they are an horticultural and botanical jewel and draw people from near and far. Look forward to the Autumn Show this September.

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 19 August 2015, 21:00top / bottom of page

It's already scheduled in the agenda, hope we'll not have problems with the the shuttle.
Last week it was quiet complicated due the recent events.

Contribution from David Hoare 20 September 2015, 20:27top / bottom of page

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday. Would all exhibitors please park on the hard netball courts and visitors please park in the other car parks.

Please do not drive on the grass or over paving slabs.

Hope we have a good day.

David Hoare.

Contribution from Jon Evans 27 September 2015, 20:36top / bottom of page

What a beautiful day for a show - warm autumn sunshine, without excessive heat to scorch purchases left in the car.  My early morning trip, through mist-wreathed valleys and downs, was delightful, and several times I almost stopped the car to try to capture the atmosphere at sunrise.  I arrived early, allowing time to help with the artistic section, but Janine Doulton and her helpers had worked hard on Friday evening, and all the pictures were already up.

The front door was manned by volunteers, supposedly demanding money with menaces, but actually easily reduced into mirth. 

Let's take a trip round the plant sales area, before we move into the show hall.  First Rachel Lever surrounded by gentians on the Aberconwy stand.

Neil Huntly, explaining something important on the Hartside stand.

The lovely Steve Bratley taking cash for Jacques Amand International.

Tim and Gillian Ingram, deep in conversation with Colin Rogers at the Copton Ash stand.

Jill Agg working hard at Choice Landscpaes.

Robert Potterton standing back and having a char - some fine Eucomis in the foreground (E. montana) - I bought one of them.

Last but not least, Ros Wiley just visible behind the Wildside Nursery stand.

In the show hall, the stewards are checking entries (does each entry have an entry card, are the pot sizes right, is every plant labelled etc).

Artistic Section

The art makes a wonderful display at this show.

Artistic Section
Biarum marmarisense

This plant was exhibited by Martin and Anna Sheader.  I had seen it once before with backlighting, and moved it into a patch of sunlight on the show bench so I could catch this effect.

Biarum marmarisense

In the third picture of the Biarum I removed the background in photoshop, and replaced it with dark grey.

Sternbergia sicula

The Farrer Medal went to Lee and Julie Martin for this magnificent pan of Sternbergia.  I hope Julie is happy with the picture and won't do me an injury next week - this is the best of the ones I took.

Sternbergia sicula

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