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Started by: Lawrence Peet

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Contribution from Lawrence Peet 03 December 2015, 22:28top / bottom of page

Does anyone know when the awards given at this years AGM will be posted, and will the details of the AGM be posted with the December bulletin? I am hearing all sorts of rumours re changes in the show schedule and a curtailment in show reports, would be nice to know of any changes?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 05 December 2015, 11:29top / bottom of page

Hi Lawrence, can't answer the award question but it was announced at the AGM that there would be no London or Malvern Shows next year due to the difficulty of reaching mutually beneficial arrangements between the AGS and the RHS. The other significant change was to drop the photographic section of the art classes from shows and create an expanded version of the annula photographic competition instead

Contribution from Adrian Bliss 06 December 2015, 04:46top / bottom of page

Martin ,not sure what you mean by "annula photographic competition"

Was this a competition that had be dropped previously?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 06 December 2015, 09:18top / bottom of page

Well, apart from the mis-type of 'annual' the competition is the one from which the winners are described each year in The Alpine Gardener, see June 2015 for example

Contribution from John Richards 06 December 2015, 17:20top / bottom of page

Can I assume that the art classes will continue? Will they be expanded?

London and Malvern

It seems very strange that we were (and will be I hope) welcomed with open arms by the RHS at Harlow Carr for the October Show, but not by the RHS at Vincent Square and Malvern. Does the right hand of the RHS know what the left hand is doing? (perhaps we shouldn't tell them!). Seriously, I thought it had become RHS policy to promote cooperative ventures between Societies such as ours, and I do wonder if their authorities responsible for the Shows are fully aware of this?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 07 December 2015, 09:54top / bottom of page

I only know what was announced at the AGM. The Art classes will continue but I don't know if they will be expanded. Given the number of entries I'm not usre that would help.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 07 December 2015, 19:30top / bottom of page

It would be valuable to know more about why the AGS will not be represented at the Malvern and London Shows? After all, as John Good describes in his preface to 'Alpine Plants, Ecology for Gardeners', alpines make up something like 6% of the world's flowering plants and are of particular scientific and practical interest in relation to climate change (so have great relevance to gardeners with a strong awareness of environmental issues quite apart from their intrinsic interest and beauty). And alpine gardening and the AGS has had such a long association with the RHS which is emphasised in 'The British Rock Garden in the Twentieth Century' - Occasional Papers from The RHS Lindley Library Vol. 6, 2011 - an in depth look at the history of rock gardening by Brent Elliott, which refers throughout to the AGS Bulletin and so many well known gardeners and plants-people. Even if horticulturally alpines are not so widely grown now they are a highly significant group of plants and, like the British Pteridological Society and ferns for example, you would think should be represented at major Plant Shows like these? A lot would depend of course on how many members would wish to be involved and how much alpines catch the imagination of gardeners attending the Shows - Harlow Carr suggests that there is no shortage of either.

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