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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: Fertiliser for Bulbs

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Started by: Helen Johnstone

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Contribution from Helen Johnstone 25 June 2014, 11:12top / bottom of page

I have been reading the Wisley diary in order to get tips etc for using my new plunge beds.  I have just read entry 29 in which Paul describes the mix Wisley use for bulbs.  He explains the mix of ingredients they use as a fertiliser.  I wondered if anyone could recommend a commercially available fertiliser which would do the same or similar or where I can get the mentioned components in small quanities.  Obviously I do not grow anywhere near the volume of bulbs as Wisley, probably 0.01% if not less but I would like to add a good fertiliser to my pots.

Contribution from Margaret Young 25 June 2014, 14:01top / bottom of page

After the sad demise of the Wisley Alpine Log, first published on the SRGC site, where it is still regularly read, it is good to see that some members are still finding it on this site and making use of it.

Paul C. ave the mix used at Wisley as being :

"2 parts Superphosphate
1 part dried blood
1 part dolomitic limestone powder
1 part potassium sulphate
(Parts by volume)

We add this to our mix at a rate of 4g per litre of compost "

While you could source  each of  those ingredients  it may be simpler for you to follow  Ian Young's  bulb feeding regime  - explained  here  - - readily available ingredients and system to follow. ;.)


Hope this helps.



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