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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 27 October 2011

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 18 November 2011, 13:41top / bottom of page

Paul - really stimulating diary entry as ever! I have just covered the sand bed in our garden but I have wondered whether the same plants grown on a crevice bed would need covering? I guess mostly the answer is no. It would be interesting to compare the same species growing under the two conditions. As I am something of a lazy gardener (or have too much to do depending on how you look at it) I shall probably stick with making more sand beds, though I am very keen to develop a tufa garden.

The other question was prompted by the Polyxena species (very beautiful) and their potential relationship with Lachenalia. Can you propagate them, like the latter, from leaf cuttings? And do you know if many other South African bulbs can be propagated in this way? Eucomis certainly do well and possibly Scilla?


Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 07 December 2011, 13:13top / bottom of page

Hi Tim,

Given its size we have no plans to cover the crevice garden for the winter so we will have to see what survives - we have several things which are in the covered sand beds as well as in the crevic egarden so we can make some comparisons.

Botanists now seem to tell us that all Polyxena are now regarded as Lachenalia. But I have no experience of leaf cuttings with these or indeed any of the other South African bulbs so can't advise here I'm afraid.

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