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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 15 November 2010

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Started by: Paul Cumbleton

Plants for Wisley's new crevice garden

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Plants needed - Can you help with the Wisley Crevice Garden?

The new Wisley crevice garden will need hundreds of plants. We would like to plant it with alpines really suited to the situation. There are crevices in all aspects ? north, south, east and west and from full sun to shade, so there will be lots of differing niches for a wide range of plants. We are going to be careful to exclude anything that may be invasive, seed around too freely, get too large or be weedy or diseased.

While we will be buying some, sowing a lot of seed and taking a lot of cuttings ourselves, I thought it would be great to offer the opportunity for anyone to take part in the project by way of donating us plants, seeds or cuttings. If you have any spare material that you would like to donate we would be very grateful to have it. Remember we are looking for plants that are particularly suited to life in a crevice and not invasive things etc. If we get inundated (I hope!) I can?t guarantee to use everything sent us, but anything we can?t use on the crevice garden will be found a good home somewhere on the rock garden so nothing will be wasted. Our main planting period is planned to be in March 2011. If you want to donate something, please send it to me at the following address:

Paul Cumbleton

RHS Garden, Wisley



GU23 6QB

Alternately, anyone visiting Wisley could pop in to the department and leave things with us. I also will be at the AGS show at Harlow on Feb 26th next year and could receive plants there. It might be worth adding that a surprising number of alpines can be propagated from cuttings taken even at this time of year ? if you keep them above 5 centigrade they will often root slowly through the winter and be ready for Spring planting.



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