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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 04 March 2010

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Started by: Vivien Roeder

Log 68

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Contribution from Vivien Roeder 04 March 2010, 22:26top / bottom of page

Log 68 seems to have got stuck in the ether.

Contribution from Gail Harland 05 March 2010, 13:53top / bottom of page

It managed to get to Scotland okay though - see the Scottish Rock site at

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 06 March 2010, 16:54top / bottom of page

Yes, sorry about this. The server was giving problems when I tried to upload this. I hope to complete it early next week.



Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 11 March 2010, 08:21top / bottom of page

I've finally managed to load this log. Hope you enjoy it


Contribution from Vivien Roeder 11 March 2010, 17:22top / bottom of page

Thank you Paul. As a beginner who ended up with 10 packets of Saxifrage seeds from the exchanges I was very interested to read and see more about them. I love to see them growing in tufa so hopefully I will get some to germinate and give that a try.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 12 March 2010, 00:01top / bottom of page

Thank you for persevering Paul. It was well worth the wait. I will be keeping my Sax plants moister than I have in the past at the beginning of the season. Your images are great.

Contribution from adrian young 14 April 2010, 13:57top / bottom of page
Great sax pics


The pic that is labelled S.Milford Cream is

not one that I know. Do you know anything about

its origins.

Is it possible that it is S.Millstream Cream?


Adrian Young

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 26 April 2010, 15:32top / bottom of page

Hi Adrian,

I think you are right - this should have been Millstream Cream. Although the label on the plant says "Milford", I have checked our database and there is no accession with that name. I assume whoever wrote the label got it wrong.



Contribution from adrian young 30 September 2010, 14:08top / bottom of page
Crevice garden

When is construction starting, I believe ZZ is involved

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 12 October 2010, 15:41top / bottom of page

Hi Adrian,

We are currently clearing the site. ZZ will be joining us to start construction at the beginning of November,


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