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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 18 June 2008

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Started by: Giles Reed

Ponerorchis - (exciting stuff at Wisley)

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Contribution from Giles Reed 01 July 2008, 12:38top / bottom of page

Paul, I was delighted to see the Ponerorchis cultivars in the Alpine House when I visited Wisley last week.The whole 'Japanese-thing',(like the Primula sieboldii cvs. earlier in the year) is very appealing.If you have the time, please post some photographs of these- as I forgot to take my camera!

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 03 July 2008, 15:04top / bottom of page

Hi Giles, Glad you enjoyed seeing the Ponerorchis. I will try to do a log about these at some point. You made me realise I don't have many photos of our Ponerorchis so I will try to get some more - in a hurry before they go over! It is a pity these plants are not more easily available as lots of people have been asking about them Best wishes Paul

Contribution from Giles Reed 09 July 2008, 10:12top / bottom of page

Thankyou,Paul. Giles

Contribution from Giles Reed 28 August 2008, 20:02top / bottom of page
Ponerochis Entry

Paul, Thankyou for your detailed diary entry on these orchids. Sorry it's taken me so long to stumble across your entry. Giles

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