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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 30 July 2009

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Started by: Jon Evans

Log 53 - In flower in the Alpine House

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Contribution from Jon Evans 03 August 2009, 17:51top / bottom of page

Hi Paul

I enjoyed the tour round the alpine house in your 30th July diary entry; it is amazing how much you can find to photograph at this time of the year.

In the background of the third photo (the one with the campanulas), there is a white bulbous plant flowering. Is this a species of Pancratium ? Do you have a close up of it you could post ?



Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 13 August 2009, 15:08top / bottom of page

Hi Jon,

Well spotted! - yes this is Pancratium maritimum. It was the first time this had flowered for us but sadly I did not get round to taking a picture before it had faded. Let's hope it flowers again next year so I can rectify that.



Contribution from Diane Clement 13 August 2009, 22:33top / bottom of page

Hi Paul

How did you get Pancratium to flower? I have had it for years and never a flower. I always thought it must need a baking in the summer as I've seen it on the coast in the Med, growing in pure sand with the bulbs on the surface. But, it's not as if it's been a hot summer this year! What's the secret, please?

Contribution from Jon Evans 14 August 2009, 08:56top / bottom of page

Thanks Paul

I'm sorry I didn't get to see it. It's been a while since I've had time to visit. I'd like to echo Diane's request; I have also grown this bulb for several years without flowers.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 14 August 2009, 22:23top / bottom of page

What a delight to see the pictures of Sempervivums in the Alpine House, they always have some interest even when other plants are not doing a lot.

What I particularly liked, was the comments on Pancratium maritima. I collected seed from a beach in Northern Spain, some years ago, and grew the plants for a few years. Unfortunately, I did not look after them properly and they did not survive. However, if I can ever get some more seed I would love to have another go, they germinated quite well. The real problem is flowering, I would echo the other comments, how do you get them to flower?

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 17 August 2009, 10:43top / bottom of page

This was the first time we had flowered the Pancratium, so I'm not sure we have a "secret" to share. It is in a house which gets very hot in summer, so heat may well be a factor. It is also desperately in need of repotting, so maybe a cramped pot played a part?? - although it is in a sand plunge and the roots come out of the bottom of the pot giving it in effect a free root run! The question will be can we flower it again next year??


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