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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 18 February 2010

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Started by: David Hoare

Wisley Log 67

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Contribution from David Hoare 19 February 2010, 16:24top / bottom of page


I was interested to see your Saxifrage flowering at Wisley now, these are far away more forward than mine. Do you give them any heat at all through the Winter.

My collection have no heat and the windows, doors and side glass are left open at all times only closing them when snow is forcast

Picture taken on the 17th Feb'

Best Wishes David Hoare

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 21 February 2010, 08:48top / bottom of page

Hi David,

No we don't use any heat. The collection is currently kept in a poly tunnel with open ends and a retractable roof so we can open it when the weather is fine - so quite cool. Not many are flowering just now, like yours most of ours are still some way off of flowering.



Contribution from Colin Dolding 25 February 2010, 00:25top / bottom of page

My rhodohypoxis do not look well at all. About 200 pots inside and a lot more outside. They all survived outdoors uncovered last winter with the usual small number of fatalities but this year a lot have rotted both inside and out. Mice have been a big problem more with the outside ones this year. Looks like it may be time to start growing something else!

Your display from last year looks good.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 25 February 2010, 12:30top / bottom of page

Colin, sorry to hear about your rhodohypoxis - you've had some lovely plants at the shows, hope you manage to save some of them.

What will your next venture be - something rot-proof and mouse-proof, hopefully! Is there such a plant?

Contribution from David Mountfort 27 February 2010, 18:14top / bottom of page

Sorry to hear of your fatalities Colin. have just finished repotting mine and all seem to be OK, fingers crossed. They have been in an unheated frame outside with lights closed since end of last October. They have been just damp and must have experienced temperatures down to -6C, we have been down outside to -8 or -10 and virtually no snow cover. Those at the demonstration at the Loughborough non-competetive in Feb. will vouch for the two or three pots that I dealt with then. I use Aviary wire over the frames(Under the lights) to keep away the mice. Please don`t give up with them; yours look lovely on the bench as do all those beauties on the Wisley log.

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