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Wisley's Alpine Diary Discussion: 02 August 2007

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Started by: Jim McGregor


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Contribution from Jim McGregor 09 August 2007, 17:21top / bottom of page

Paul is to be congratulated on his new diary section on our website - an excellent first entry. Thanks Paul.

Contribution from Val Lee 14 August 2007, 08:45top / bottom of page
What a great idea

Thanks Paul, it will be great to keep in touch with Wisley on a regular basis. Unfortunately I don't get up nearly as often as I would like and global warming means we will probably be making less journeys in the future. I do so hope that members will support your efforts by making their comments - thanks to Jim it is very easy to make a contribution. Come on everyone, do your bit, I've put a toe in the water, why dont you.

Contribution from TONY PORTER 05 September 2007, 12:40top / bottom of page
Sand Plunges

Great to see what's happening at Wisley & hope to come & see it in the flesh in the not too distant future. As another member who cannot get to Wisley very often I really look forward to the next "episode" in the rebuilding of the alpine house. I was told by Trevor Wiltshire some time ago that the sand plunges in the Roy Elliot house were full depth i.e. from ground level up. Is this the case with all of your sand plunges including those in the new house? Is there any advantage, in your opinion, in having this depth of sand or would, say, a foot depth be adequate? I am interested as I'm contemplating building a fairly large sand plunge (removable covers & open sides) & don't want the hassle & extra expense of huge quantities of sand if it's not strictly necessary. Thanks again for the insights into the current goings-on in the Alpine Dept. at Wisley. Tony Porter

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 07 September 2007, 22:24top / bottom of page

Hi Tony, I'm glad you are enjoying the Wisley Log. The plunges you asked about are not completely sand, but nevertheless are very deep. They are 4 blocks high and one and a half blocks hight at the bottom is filled with rubble. So the sand is 2 and a half blocks deep which means around 20 inches. Such depth is not really essential and of course is expensive. My own plunges at home are only 6 inches deep and work Ok - though I would prefer more depth as 6 inches isn't enough for some of the larger pots. I think your suggested 12 inches would be ideal.

Contribution from John Richards 21 December 2008, 11:21top / bottom of page
Christmas at Wisley

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Wisley Christmas edition. As 'the other diarist' I know how frustrating it can be to type away into the great unknown and not really know if anyone is reading it. I thought Wisley looked lovely with all the Christmas touches around. It almost made me wish I lived further south (no, not really!). Well done Paul, and I am sure you will join with me in hoping for more feedback and interaction in the New Year.

Contribution from john lee 22 December 2008, 17:34top / bottom of page

I would like to add my thanks Paul for the very enjoyable and informative Wisley log,and to Johns Northumberland Diary,There are a few of us out here that appreciate your efforts,long my you continue, Merry Xmas to you both

Contribution from Anne Marise GIBSON 27 January 2009, 21:39top / bottom of page
repotting pleiones

thank you Paul for the wisley diary, I found this practical demonstration really useful and informative. As a result i was a lot more thorough when doing my repotting. For beginners like me articles like that are just what we need. Anne Gibson

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