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Schachen Diary Discussion: 14 July 2013

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Schachen Log 14

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Contribution from John Richards 10 August 2013, 19:09top / bottom of page
Meconopsis lancofilia/
Meconopsis lancifolia/impedita

Hi Jenny,

I have just read your interesting contribution about the mecs you grow at Schachen. I agree with you about M. henrici as I can see the expanded filament bases in your photo. I am less sure about M. lancifolia (as you are) as the plant you show has almost glabrous stems, and certainly they are not bristly. I wonder if this is M. imedita? Certainly the leaves look as if it might be. I am attaching photos from Sichuan (Jiulong district) taken in 2011 of what we called M.lancifolia (very similar to M. henrici but with slender filaments and smaller, more cup-shaped flowers)and what we called (with rather less confidence) M. impedita.

Meconopsis lancifolia/impedita

See entry 186 in 'Northumberland Diary'.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 14 September 2013, 17:43top / bottom of page

After reading about the Schachan garden (see Any Other Topics), I've come back to look at the diary and to be reminded of that incredible plant, Megacarpaea polyandra. This I grew once years ago but never flowered, and sold all the plants. It created interest from none other than Christopher Lloyd(!) - but I wonder if anyone else grows it, or has grown it? Graham Stuart Thomas and Martyn Rix mention it in their respective books on Perennials, and the latter also shows another species, M. orbiculata, from the Tien Shan and Pamirs, very similar to Crambe. For gardeners like me in the dry south of England, these would be much easier potentially than those wonderful meconopsis.

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