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Philesia: Philesia

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Contribution from John Good 11 May 2012, 12:19top / bottom of page
An easy, long-lived plant in my garden

I have a plant which is >20 years old and which has spread gradually to form a clump a metre or so across. It is growing in a bed at the base of a N-facing wall in soil that never dries out, which is probably one reason why it does so well. Perhaps surprisingly, given its provenance, it has been unaffected by the very cold temperatures during the winters of 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Contribution from Martin Sheader 16 May 2012, 12:59top / bottom of page

It's not surprising that Philesia is cold hardy. It occurs in the extreme South of the Argentine and Chilean mainland. We found it last year growing in Chile to the west of Torres del Paine National Park, a few kilometers from the Southern Ice Field. It was growing at the margin of woodland together with Drimys winteri, Fuchsia magellanica, Escallonia rosea, Lomatia ferruginea, Nothofagus betuloides, Maytenus boarii & Pilgerodendron uviferum. In our dry Southampton garden Philesia grows reasonably well but does not flower every year.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 25 May 2012, 18:48top / bottom of page

Our garden is probably too dry for this fascinating plant but we did come on a magnificent specimen at Logan Botanic Garden last year, even larger than John's, which sounds highly impressive in itself.

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