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Northumberland Diary Discussion: Northumberland Diary 201

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Started by: Mel Linney

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Contribution from Mel Linney 02 January 2012, 09:22top / bottom of page

John, thank you for another year of the wonderful and brilliant Northumberland Diary. Looking forward to 2012 as, I am sure, are a host of other readers both members and non members. Mel.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 02 January 2012, 20:15top / bottom of page

John - I promise not to say 'Wow' too much but I do like the picture of Frit. recurva with lichen; very Christmassy! I have never had great success growing many of these American bulbs, though do have F. pluriflora on a raised bed. On the NARGS Forum though, Panayoti Kelaidis showed a tremendous picture of mixed Calochortus naturalising in grass. Now that would be something! I have tried them in a sand bed where I thought the good drainage and aeration might enable them to tolerate summer rains, but they have not lasted too long. I would personally also be very interested in hearing more from anyone about the American alpine nurseries you mention.

Contribution from John Richards 03 January 2012, 10:16top / bottom of page

Hi Tim,

Well, neither of us live in Denver of course with its dry atmosphere and high light intensity. As for the frits, I was given some F. recurva spawn when I was over there which I grew in a pot in the alpine house for a number of years. Twice I got a bulb big enough to make a flowering stem which then aborted; probably cold snaps but I can't be sure. I lost all these in the intense colds of 2009/10 and 2010/11. However they should be hardy with you. They do NOT like summer baking, but DO like the dry air of the alpine house I think. They are probably better planted out under glass.

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