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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 24 October 2012

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Gardens in the Czech Republic. Entry 226.

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Contribution from Ken Curtis 25 October 2012, 14:13top / bottom of page

I missed your regular contributions but the wait was well rewarded with the words and photos from your recent trip to the Czech Republic. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am curious if you are aware of anyone succeeding with Vojtech's introductions of Caltha sinogracilis and Primula agleniana?

Contribution from John Richards 25 October 2012, 18:04top / bottom of page
Primula agleniana

Vojtech did say that this seed had not germinated for anyone. We discussed the likely cause. I believe that this group has seed which becomes inviable when dry, like many petiolarids, so seed needs to be kept cold and sown as soon as possible. We did not discuss Caltha sinogracilis, but as Ranunculaceae, it is also likely that this has very short viability.

Contribution from Ken Curtis 26 October 2012, 13:46top / bottom of page

John, Thank you for the reply. My interest stems from experience I had with these seeds in 2010. I used the paper towel method and found the seeds were viable and germination was good. Most success was with a prior cold period of 6 weeks in the refrigerator. These were carefully moved into pots and placed under florescent lights. This is my usual practice and I fully anticipated many seedling would emerge, but it never happened. The seed coat had cracked open and a small radicle had emerged but no further growth occurred. I tried again when Mr. Holubec offered these seeds in 2011 (from the original 2010 collection) but they were no longer viable and resulted in no germination. Such lovely plants, I was hoping someone else had been successful.

Contribution from John Richards 26 October 2012, 18:07top / bottom of page

This kind of phenomenon can occur when dry inviable seed hydrates. The tissue inside swells and bursts the testa, giving the appearance of germination, but no further development occurs.

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