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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 15 November 2009

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Started by: Mel Linney

Replanting troughs.

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Contribution from Mel Linney 15 November 2009, 16:08top / bottom of page

Hello John,

Thanks for another informative diary entry, it has reminded me that a couple of my troughs are in need of a good clear out. It's nice to hear that you are involved with the local chrysanth show and that you introduced a number of classes other than for the lates. I think it's an excellent way of introducing what we enjoy to other gardeners, and you never know it may swell our flock.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 15 November 2009, 22:57top / bottom of page

Hi John, An interesting article, as ever. With regard to troughs, I looked at mine this year, too, and decided they really needed a rework. It is quite surprising what emerges but rewarding to see the result of your handiwork later. I live in a very soggy part of the country, so I decided to cover my troughs in winter. I use the the clear plastic tops of propagating containers resting over the troughs and held down by a stone. This stops the excess wet getting in but allows plenty of air circulation and reduces the amount of moss building up. Once everything is growing in spring the covers come off.

I was particularly interested in the Primula cross, as I have something very similar. I grow mine in the garden and it romps away. The situation is under trees, so sunny in spring before the leaves come out then shady during the rest of the year. It gets very dry in late summer and this year was parched but it will come back as good as ever. It's a lovely plant and very floriferous.

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