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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 28 May 2011

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Started by: Tim Ingram

Diary 184 - A view from the South

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A view from the South

Why is it that all the most beautiful alpines grow in the North? The silver saxifrages are a delight to see because we can grow them quite well. I had never come across a mossy that could aestivate through dry weather and certainly this spring this is a feature of great importance! I have just invested in Malcolm McGregor's book, partly because we have the very fine Saxifrage grower David Hoare in our Group, and am greatly enjoying reading it.

The primulas are exquisite and my only real success was years ago when running the nursery with several species grown from seed from Jack Drake's nursery. But of course these were irrigated rather than having to take their course in the garden. I am amazed though by the ability of the primrose and its brethren to tolerate long dry spells, and auricula, marginata and such also do OK on the scree. Those lucky gardeners who have moisture really have somewhere to go with the genus.

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