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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 21 May 2010

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Started by: Margaret Young

Northumberland Diary 149

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Corydalis mis-identified

A Northumberland Alpine Gardener's Diary

21 May 2010

Northumberland Diary. Entry 149.

"In the raised bed nearby, Ian Christie's superb Corydalis cross, 'Craigton Comet' is at its best...."

I'm just catching up with your diary entries, John and notice that you have mis-identified the blue Corydalis in your entry for 21st May..... the plant is question was raised by Ian Young (not Ian the Christie Kind) and is called Corydalis'Craigton Blue' ( 'Craigton Comet' is a tight-growing Clematis marmoraria x cartmannii hybrid.)

Thank you for your kind words about 'Craigton Blue'.... Hendrik Zetterlund was one of the first to praise this plant which is being widely grown around Europe. It is only now, in June, in full flower here in in late May your plants were well ahead of ours!



Post script: It may be of interest that C. 'Craigton Blue' is a hybrid of C. flexuosa and C. omieana.

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