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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 29 March 2010

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Started by: David Hoare

Diary 143 Waterperry Sax' Collection

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Contribution from David Hoare 31 March 2010, 14:06top / bottom of page

The Saxifrage Collection at Waterperry is maintained by Adrian Young for the NCCPG (Plant Heritage)in his spare time, and has just organised a Open Weekend there which was very successfull.

Like all things with more volenteers the work load would be less for Adrian.

Best Wishes David.

Contribution from David Nicholson 31 March 2010, 19:01top / bottom of page

John is quite right in his comment in respect of the lack of labelling to the Waterperry Collection. I went to see the collection last year and I agree with him that the section maps just don't work visitor wise, and especially one who knows little about Saxifraga but would like to know more. I take your point though David, one man can only do so much.

Contribution from adrian young 14 April 2010, 13:37top / bottom of page
thoughts from Waterperry

You mention other sections of the genus, I am not sure which sections you were

referring to, but Waterperry hold the NCCPG national collection of kabschia and engleria cultivars.

so that is what we concentrate on. I have around 1000 different named plants now from that

sub-section. We have no space nor ideal conditions for other sections. We do have space allocated

for a new collection of section Ligulatae and this will take form as soon as I can find some tufa

(not an easy job these days)

On the issue of labelling we are at fault, 90% of the plants are on the charts, but they do need

updating, the plant list has not been lost, I have a master chart, who are these organisers, there is just me.

I'm afraid this is down to priorities, I am looking after the whole collection myself

part time on Saturdays and there is simply not enough time, I will try to address the situation

this summer. Don't forget the collection is not just the two raised beds in the Tufa garden, it also

comprises of two nursery beds and thousands of stock pots, all behind the scene.

We had a very successful open day weekend for sax lovers on 27/28 March,

many well know growers showed up including Richard Gornall, Ron & Joan Beeston, David Walkey

Joy Bishop, Jo & Brian Walker Mike Hall, Tim Roberts and many more (150 in all)

In picture 4 there is S.Gothenberg, the three pink/red are all poluanglica seedlings (un-named)

In pic 5 is Walter Irving (correct) 30 yrs old, the one behind is a collected burseriana from Italy.

Pic 6 is Gregor Mendel.

Pic 7/8 un-named seedlings

Pic 9 is Coolock Kate

Pic 10 is S. Unifovealata

Pic 11 is Allendale Fairy, Bonny and Bravo, left to right

Pic 12 is under review

Pic 13 S.longifolia about 12 years old

Hope this helps,

It is worth returning in June when the silvers are in flower

Adrian Young

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