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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 04 March 2015

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 291.

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 05 March 2015, 08:12top / bottom of page

Anglesey Abbey is somewhere I have never been but heard a lot about - very nice to see all those plants. The low shrub at the end is one we used to grow but have lost - Ribes laurifolium - rather a nice genus altogether and I would like to grow this again.

Contribution from Jon Evans 05 March 2015, 09:23top / bottom of page


Fantastic shot of Betula utilis jacquemontii underplanted with the red bergenias.  The stark contrast of that planting would for me be worth the admission alone.

Contribution from John Richards 05 March 2015, 17:39top / bottom of page
Ribes laurifolium

Thank you Tim. I should have never thought it was a currant, and I am supposed to be a botanist!

Contribution from John Good 06 March 2015, 18:02top / bottom of page

I have just acquired it (from Bodnant Nursery) and it is flowering its head off! I bought it immediately after seeing it there about three weeks ago, trained on a low wall - it is a 'floppy sort of plant that forms a rounded, spreading bush if left to its own devices. I suspect it would act like a bramble and root at the tips of its branches if allowed to do so.

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