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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 15 June 2010

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Started by: Margaret Young

Northumberland Diary. Entry 151. Winter damage suffered by shrubs

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Contribution from Margaret Young 27 June 2010, 21:48top / bottom of page

Your garden is looking delightful... especially the terrace with troughs and Primulas full of colour and life.

The situation in North East Scotland has been rather different with regard to winter damage for evergreens:

Here there are rather too many Crinodendrons either severely damaged or even killed by the winter freezing to which they were subjected. Some Olearias , too have been hit, also many Ceonothus, Griselinias and Hebes.....many gardens are looking the worse for wear as some folks hang on to see if any life springs from the roots or base of sickly plants.

Happily, Embothriums seem to have taken the cold wetaher in their stride and one of the largest in the city has been a blaze of flower inthe last few weeks. Always some survivors, thank goodness.

I do hope the RHS survey is not overwhelmed by reports of the dead and dying.... it would be too depressing !

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