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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 11 July 2016

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 320.

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Contribution from Margaret Young 14 July 2016, 17:54top / bottom of page

Good to see you are enjoying your trips around the country and  making continued progress from your eye difficulties, John. It has certainly been a "good" summer  for lush growth and weeds in the garden.

Contribution from Luit van Delft 01 August 2016, 21:35top / bottom of page
Mystery plant Holker Hall

Just found and read by chance a few of your latest diaries and loved reading them, must find some time to read more....!!

I believe that the plant you saw at Holker Hall might be Iochroma australe, a small relative of Datura.

Contribution from Margaret Young 02 August 2016, 14:06top / bottom of page

Luit, you are a mine of information, as ever!


Contribution from Martin Sheader 10 August 2016, 13:09top / bottom of page

Iochroma australe grows vigorously fo us in our Southampton Garden. This Argentinian native flowers well throughout most of the summer, covering itself in pendent blue trumpets. Over about seven years it has grown to about 10 feet high, and would have had a similar spread had we not hacked it back regularly. It's deciduous, with a woody framework, coming into growth rather late in spring. When we originally acquired this plant it was suggested to us that it might not be hardy, but it has survived winter frosts - OK we are in the south coast banana belt. Our plant is in a sunny position in somewhat dry sandy soil. This is well worth trying and certainly delivers.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 10 August 2016, 20:24top / bottom of page

There is a fantastic plant of Iochroma at the Chelsea Physic Garden - here's a link to the blogspot of 'A Lady from Lousiana'.(

In a mild garden like the CPG - and it must be the same in Cornwall - Iochroma australis makes a small tree, but it seems remarkably hardy in colder gardens as well, sprouting from old wood if cut back by frost. A friend in our Group actually grows it in his garden high up on the N. Downs, though it never gets to any size.

Contribution from John Richards 10 August 2016, 20:52top / bottom of page
Iochroma australe

Thank you Luit, Martin and Tim. I am much the wiser!


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