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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 11 July 2014

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 277.

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It's funny - I've never managed to get Moltkia petraea to really prosper in the garden so far, despite many of its relatives doing well. There are some superb plants of it at Wisley growing in the new crevice garden and I will keep trying it until I find the right spot. We should, and do, do well with most such plants from drier places - campanulas are superb, but we also have molluscs which search out the choicest species like zoysii, as well as legumes and a super little soldanella that flowered beautifully in a trough earlier on. We collected and sowed fresh seed of this and it is germinating already. One of the things about growing alpines to sell is that you continually push the limits of your garden in the range of plants you grow (actually a result of a great interest in plants in general!), so we may be tempted to grow more primulas, rhododendrons and 'cool' alpines as we find spots that stock plants succeed well in. It is remarkable how certain microclimates in a garden can expand the range of plants that prosper, but it seems as much to do with the gardener as the garden!

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