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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 14 July 2008

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Started by: Giles Reed

Primula obtusifolia - Outdoor Primulas?

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Contribution from Giles Reed 17 July 2008, 22:17top / bottom of page

It looked from your picture as though you were growing P.obtusifolia outdoors - is that right? Having only recent got a couple of plants I have been rather pampering them, is this unneccessary?

Contribution from John Richards 19 July 2008, 11:44top / bottom of page
Growing Primula obtusifolia

Yes Giles, I have two plants, grown from SRGC seed sown 1.1.2007. In total I had about eight; most of the remainder were gifts or sold. The larger one lives in a slightly raised bed made with sieved leaf-mould, sieved compost (ex heap) and perlite, on the north side but just out of the drip zone of a large Acer capillipes and with large lime trees further back. It gets early morning sun. It is covered with large frame lights from November until March. It was lifted for exhibition in April and put back when it has finished flowering, only to flower again later! The other one lives in a fishbox container in dappled shade. It has not yet flowered but has grown well. I think that this is not the most difficult of the 'nivalids'; about as tricky as P. macrophylla.

Contribution from Giles Reed 19 July 2008, 13:03top / bottom of page
Cultural advice.

Thankyou John, that's helpful. It was seeing your plant at an AGS show that led me to grab a couple of plants I saw on a recent visit to Kevock. Giles

Contribution from Giles Reed 19 July 2008, 15:21top / bottom of page

rereading what I wrote, perhaps 'purchase' would have been a better word than 'grabbed', in case it gave the wrong impression!

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