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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 08 January 2012

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Started by: Susan Read

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Contribution from Susan Read 09 January 2012, 09:09top / bottom of page

I am glad you continued with the North American pictures. I felt very nostalgic, and I would like to scan my old slides to the very high quality of yours. Any clues as to which scanner?

Contribution from John Richards 10 January 2012, 20:59top / bottom of page

Hi Susan,

Yes, the scanner I use is an Epson Perfection 3200 Photo which comes with masks for transparencies. It is not fast: once it gets going it does about a transparency a minute (four at a time). I have had the machine at least six years, and have no idea if it is still in production. Back then it cost 180 and was the best value investment I ever made. No doubt its equivalent is cheaper now, but doubt if it is much better. I find it useful to edit most after scanning. I use a very effective and friendly programme called Nero Photoshop which I swear by. Most scans benefit from slight increase in contrast, sharpening tool, and in some cases a change in colour balance; often they are a little too blue. Each edit takes about 30 secs, so it is not onerous.

Contribution from Susan Read 14 January 2012, 10:10top / bottom of page

Thanks John. Obtaining that make/model seems to be a problem. (I have a different brand, similar price, which I found useless!)

I, for one, am interested in the Pacific Northwest and I find your accounts very readable.

Contribution from Janet and David Dobak 18 February 2012, 03:27top / bottom of page
Continuing memories

We're continuing to enjoy recounting of John's travels in Oregon in 2001, as we accompanied him for part of this trip.

Refer to the discussion thread of the 31 December 2001 log for comments on "Losier Loop."

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