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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 03 January 2017

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Northumberland diary. Entry 330.

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 11 January 2017, 23:08top / bottom of page

Happy New Year John! I think plants will have to feature strongly in 2017 to make it go in a sensible direction, so I will try and follow your lead. Greatly enjoyed seeing that simple hypertufa-rock trough and an interesting mix of constituents. We really must do more of something similar. This trough, made with just a few bits of leftover hypertufa from covering several old glazed sinks, has been one of the best in our garden (probably because Gillian planted it) and the saxifrage has now made a fine cushion even through our very dry summer. It may not approach the aesthetic or planting brilliance of some of those Jan Tholhuijsen shows on Facebook but it hints at better things to come. It would be good to make much larger dedicated blocks of hypertufa for some more troughs we have waiting to be planted this spring. There is a nice little article way back in Vol. 4 of the AGS Bulletin (p. 316, 1936) by F.H.Fisher about doing this, with a good black and white picture of the real thing (in tufa) from Clarence Elliott to spur the experiment on!

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