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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 24 January 2015

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 289.

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Contribution from John Good 24 January 2015, 21:47top / bottom of page

Intersting that while G. 'Augustus'and G. 'Straffan' are in full flower with you they are both still in tight bud here 200m further S in North Wales! In fact this seems to be a pretty late season for snowdrops here even though we have only had one real frost and a generally mild winter - comments?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 25 January 2015, 18:06top / bottom of page

'Augustus' is still in tight bud in our garden a long way further south but the few early flowering forms of elwesii we have have flowered earlier than previous years - this species seems to span a much wider and earlier period of flowering than plicatus. Most of the other snowdrops which I thought might be a week or two earlier this year (because so far winter hasn't really come) look to be behaving normally and will probably peak into early/mid-February. (The trouble is that we haven't really grown many snowdrops long enough to compare flowering times over successive years and compare with weather records, but we have had some bitter Jan/Feb months in the past and yet the mass of snowdrops still flower around the same time through February).

The snowdrop sale at Myddelton (always at the end of January) was pretty full of flowering plants - would be interesting to know if there have been consistant differences related to weather in flowering of varieties at this event over the years that it has been held?

Contribution from John Richards 25 January 2015, 18:19top / bottom of page

No John, Galanthus plicatus 'Augustus' which you kindly donated is scarcely through the ground as yet. You must be thinking of the 'Brechin' I illustrated. My feeling about this snowdrop season so far is that it has emphasised the differences in flowering time between cultivars even more than usual. The woronowiis seem very late and most plicatus and elwesii have yet to surface.



Contribution from John Good 28 January 2015, 21:38top / bottom of page

Sorry John, another senior moment! The G. nivalis 'Warei' that you kindly gave to me as part of our swap two seasons ago is now coming into flower and I love it! I believe it is supposed to be a triploid and I wouldn't be surprised as it is very vigorous. I love the dense grey bloom on the leaves, and the lovely green markings on the outer tepal tips - lovely.Have the 'Merlin' and 'Little John' that I gave you done well as they are the first to flower here and real rompers, excellent to cut for the house! 

Contribution from John Richards 03 February 2015, 12:29top / bottom of page

Yes, ''Warei' is a super snowdrop and very vigorous here. It is scarcely through the ground as yet. Of your kind gifts, the two most vigorous 200 miles to the north (colder and drier) have been 'Sophie North' (which originated even further north of course), and 'Backhouse Spectacles' (originally from York, not that much to the south). I have just been to look for 'Merlin' and it is doing quite well with 6 flowers flopping in the frost (it is still -4C here at midday). According to my records, I do not have 'Little John', but your 'Blewberry Tart' has settled down and is an interest comparison with my very similar 'Mini Muffin' which is even smaller and later and looks upwards. The notable failure amongst your kind gifts was 'Magnet' which I also lost many years previously.

Contribution from John Good 03 February 2015, 18:12top / bottom of page
I will let you have more Magnet and also add some 'Little John' as soon as they finish flowering.

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