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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 19 December 2015

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 308

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Contribution from John Good 22 December 2015, 22:31top / bottom of page

I would prefer to have more first choices with fewer seeds if necessary, I generally only keep 10 plants unless of a particular rarity, when I may prick out a few more. The crucial point if one gets only a few seeds is that the germination is good, and I am glad that John mentioned putting his seed packets straight into the fridge - I do the same.

Contribution from John Richards 30 December 2015, 11:47top / bottom of page

When it comes to garden plants, I tend to agree with John here, although it is always nice to have some spares to give away or sell. The problem is more with bulbs, where one or two together usually look lonely and it is best to have a good panful which can take half a lifetime to achieve by multiplication or division (!). They may vary a bit from seed, but it is helpful to have 15 or 20 to start off with. In several cases I have acquired packets of crocus species with only 3 and 4 seeds.

Contribution from John Good 30 December 2015, 14:30top / bottom of page

I take your point, John, but I don't grow many bulbs from seeds these days, and not at all for competition.  

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