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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 10 December 2008

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Contribution from JOHN HARRISON 12 December 2008, 15:17top / bottom of page

Keep them coming John this is an excellant extention to your very interesting diaries I am sure there will be much interest in them.

Contribution from Frank Tindall 15 December 2008, 07:48top / bottom of page
r. b cookes plants

John What happened to Frit Pyranica Lutea ?

Contribution from John Richards 15 December 2008, 12:41top / bottom of page
Fritillaria pyrenaica lutea

Hi Frank, In answer to your question, this grew at Kilbryde when I first knew it in 1975, next to the Shortia on the back wall, possibly not the best place for it. It multiplied slowly; we kept two bulbs and were usually able to give away one each year. It was in great demand as it was much less well known then than now when several yellow clones are circulating, some more vigorous than Cooke's. After we sold the garden, I kept it, and grew it as recently as about 2000, but I have had a frit disease and no longer grow it. However I know this clone survives with other people. The story of its discovery is worth repeating. Cooke was on a Roger-Smith led AGS trip to the Pyrenees, I think in 1939, when the single yellow frit was spotted. It is said that Cooke, who was built like a whippet, won the race across the mountainside! (in those far-off days I am sad to say that they all travelled with trowels to the ready). However, I have also heard that there was more than one and Roger-Smith went off with another, more vigorous clone. Does anyone know the truth? Here is Cooke's clone at Kilbryde in 1978.

Fritillaria pyrenaica lutea

Contribution from Frank Tindall 16 December 2008, 07:44top / bottom of page

Hi John Many thanks for that, you gave me asmall bulb years ago, mine went to Frit Heavan about six years ago. I believe R B Cooke was racing E B Anderson for the Frit.

Contribution from David Nicholson 23 December 2008, 14:46top / bottom of page

What a cracking selection of plants and superbly photographed. Many more please.

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