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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 01 December 2008

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Started by: Margaret Young

Aciphylla kirkii, question about plant in N/Diary 99

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Contribution from Margaret Young 08 December 2008, 16:59top / bottom of page

Hello, John....a delight to see your garden looking so sparkly in all that frost......we can only hope it WILL kill off those "woufies" ! I wonder if you can tell a little more about Aciphylla kirkii ...native distribution... size etc? Cheers, Maggi Young

Contribution from Margaret Young 08 December 2008, 17:17top / bottom of page

I ought to have added this: I have only seen photos where the size/scale of the plant is uncertain... as in the one appended( which was taken by Lesley Cox ) from the Remarkables Range.....

Contribution from John Richards 10 December 2008, 16:49top / bottom of page
Aciphylla kirkii

Hi Maggi, great to hear from another committed blogger! Yes, Lesley's photo looks like the real thing. I saw it in the Remarkables too. Mark and Adams have it 'Western ands Central Otago, east of the main divide' so that fits.Its obviously quite local in the wild. I think of it as a sort of hybrid between the big ones and the little ones. It has the wide thick segments of e.g. A. aurea, but is not much larger than e.g. A. monroi. Mine was acquired from Ron McBeath in 2003. All the best for the New Year John

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 December 2008, 18:02top / bottom of page

Thanks, John.... I thought it was more to the smaller end of the scale.... I have a liking for these spikey plants, though some have SUCH ghastly spines that I understand why some folks are reluctant to grow them but I really like the very small species for their all year round contribution....value for money, so to speak! Season's greetings to you at Hightrees, too, with hopes for a great diary year in 2009.

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