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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 12 August 2007

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Started by: Jim McGregor


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Contribution from Jim McGregor 15 August 2007, 10:57top / bottom of page

Congratulations to our Northumberland diarist on a full year of diary contributions. An amazing resource for the website.

Contribution from Val Lee 21 August 2007, 08:16top / bottom of page
Thanks John

I have enjoyed my weekly visit to the North East. It is good to compare plants and weather in Devon with yours in the far North and on the opposite side of the country. We are very wet down here and everything is growing apace in great contrast to the last two years. Please keep up your contributions to the web site, may be a few more members will wake up and give some feed back from other parts of the country!

Contribution from David Hoare 09 September 2007, 21:53top / bottom of page

John well done on reaching 50 not out, living down in the South East corner I find your Diary's most interesting, being a Saxifraga buff it was good to see the Silver's you showed the other week. Myself and Nigel Fuller have been building a good collection of these wonderful plants.Look forward to the next 50 David Hoare

Contribution from David Hoare 11 November 2007, 18:45top / bottom of page
Name the shrub

John what a good way to get this Discussion site going I will have a stab at CHOISYA ternata,

Contribution from Lesley Cox 17 June 2008, 01:01top / bottom of page
But where IS it?

I mean, where is the readable diary?

Contribution from Diane Clement 17 June 2008, 21:12top / bottom of page

Lesley, go to Members Diaries towards the bottom of the menu on the left, then to Northumberland Diary. Alternatively, click on Diane

Sorry, it doesn't click (!) cut and paste as necessary

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 17 June 2008, 23:13top / bottom of page

John, I was most interested in your photos from your Greek visit, that must have been a very enjoyable experience. I found your photos fascinating. Congratulations on a most delightful diary, particularly the Cumbrian piece.

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