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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 26 August 2010

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Started by: Elizabeth Maddock

Northumberland Diary 158

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Gardening problems

Hi John, my sympathies for your troubles with trees. I have a garden surrounded by other peoples' trees and they can overshadow it so much and overwhelm areas. The good thing is there are plenty of leaves for making leaf mould and I have to adapt parts of my garden to woodland areas because that is what they are.

Areas of a well established garden do need overhauling from time to time, you get weed build up and need to start afresh. That can be a good thing apart from the work which gets harder the older you get. The pleasure is from seeing the new part develope.

I, and many others I'm sure, have lost bulbs in pots due to the past winter. It was a hard one for sure, unlike you I have not examined my yet but judging from the performance earlier in the year, I think I will have similar problems. It can mean a new start with new species, which can be a very rewarding experience. You always have to move on with gardening, so the best thing is always to be positive with the next task.

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