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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 04 August 2012

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 221.

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Contribution from Susan Read 08 August 2012, 17:29top / bottom of page

I was interested in your Francoa. I have had this for many years and got rather tired of it because the leaves always looks sickly, yellowing between the veins. The flowers are OK and I can now see their attraction, see picture taken a few days ago. Have tried Epsom salts on it. Any other thoughts on treatment?

Contribution from Susan Read 08 August 2012, 17:42top / bottom of page

Just one other thought... I assume this is M. aculeata taken in the Indian Himalayas. All the others I saw were a rather pale clear blue.

Contribution from John Richards 18 August 2012, 08:56top / bottom of page

Hello Susan,

Yes, I suspect Francoa may dislike lime. Here it thrives in acid conditions with humus and good drainage. I originally acquired it from seed purchased at Inverewe which may give a clue!Generally it is straightforward here, but I nearly lost it during the recently hard winters when a second clone, obtained from Barry McWilliam, proved less hardy than the ex-Inverewe stock.

I find Meconopsis aculeata very variable in colour. Many are a rather slaty blue, but I have had pinks, purples and good dark blues. And all from a single accession originally!

Contribution from Susan Read 19 August 2012, 13:40top / bottom of page

John thanks.

My Francoa has no such provenance. It was remaindered at a plant sale without growing instructions so I put it at the foot of the house wall in case it was tender, as alkaline as you could find in a chalky clay garden! Now with the internet I have found out more about it and its 'family' association. Needless to say I never saw it in Chile.

Must confess I do have pictures of other pink M. aculeata but in a forgetable hue.

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