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Northumberland Diary Discussion: 28 April 2016

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Northumberland Diary. Entry 316.

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Mogeton for moss control

I too have had major problems with moss control in our wet N. Wales climate, mostly like you in cushion plants, and have spent endless pretty frustrating hours over the years picking it out with tweezers. Now I think I have the answer, which I read of in an article somewhere (I've forgotten where!) by Harry Jans, doyen of Dutch alpine gardeners. Mogeton ( is licensed and used principally on golf courses, but Harry found that it can be applied to many alpines without harming them and controls moss very effectively. Unfortunately it can't be bought in small quantities and the 750g packet sold by Agrichem retails at over 80, but I bit the bullet and bought a pack and can confirm that it is very effective in killing moss and liverwort without apparently harming the alpines (cushion saxes, dianthus, androsaces, drabas in my case)- the moss turns a golden brown colour and is then much more easily removed than when alive; I suspect that you could even leave it and the re-invigorated cushion plants would grow over/through/around it. I don't know how often the treatment needs to be repeated, I suspect annually in mid-late spring. This compound has very low mammalian toxicity.

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